Big round tour of Verbier region, generally wide trails, but with some more technical passages. If you are feeling confident, you can take the last part down to Le Chable.









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This is a mix and match route that you can customise to suit your style and level of riding. You can either take the lift up to Ruinette, or climb up through the woods above Medran, passing Chez Dany on your way up to Ruinette, whilst sticking to the wide road.

From Ruinette you take the roman road towards Croix de Couer - for an easier ride you can continue all the way to Croix de Couer, or you can drop in a little earlier on one of the single trails.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THESE ARE SHARED WITH WALKERS, so make sure that you always look ahead and stay in control.

Once you get back to Verbier, you can continue on down to Le Chable via the Patier track, this is a lot more technical and has some fairly steep sections in between wider sections.

Don't hesitate to get off and walk if you get uncomfortable - the top section is the hardest.

You will pop out in Le Chable and can hop on the gondola back to Verbier - or if you still have battery left then you can find one of the smaller roads that will take you back up to Verbier - avoiding the traffic.