The highlight of ski touring in the Ortles massif is for sure climbing up the Gran Zebru and skiing it down



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From the Pizzini hut head towards north to the Vedretta del Gran Zebru.

After passing the rocky outcrop take a right to reach the base of the south couloir (40 degres) At the top of the couloir you have two options.

Either by the summer route on the rocks (put the crampons on) -it's what we did.

Or by the snowy slop if the avalanche danger is really low (in case of avalanche here you would jump rock bands and died no doubt) Then reach up the summit by the south face.

From there and only if avalanche danger is low (again an avalanche during the descent would be dramatic here) and you know the north couloir is doable you can commit to the descent we did : Ski first the small south face to reach the shoulder from where you came.

Follow this slope till you enter the North East couloir.

Take the left branch of the couloir quite large till a narrow step with rocks.

From there the couloir gets more narrow but still well skiable.

Towards the end take the right ramp above the cliff band to reach a nice snowy slope. From there skin up toward the Cima di Solda and descend the really long valllon below the rifugio Martello.

Skin up to the rifugio Martello to finish a good day.