A mythical hike along the so-called "Fairy Trail."


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If you are looking for a magical hike that will delight both children and adults, you should visit the fairy trail at South Mountain Reservation in New Jersey.

This half-mile trail has been inhabited by fairies who have built their homes in tree hollows, roots, and natural materials.

As you walk along the white-blazed Rahway Trail, look carefully and you will find where they have chosen to live.

You might even spot some fairies fluttering by! The fairy trail was started by a local artist, Therese Ojibway, who crafted diminutive domiciles for the forest fairies.

Over the years, other artists have added to the collection, creating a whimsical wonderland that has been featured in the New York Times.

The South Mountain Conservancy has worked to maintain the trail and restore the habitat, and asks visitors to respect the fragile structures and leave no trace. To access the fairy trail, park at the Locust Grove lot on Glen Avenue in Millburn, across from the Millburn Library.

The fairy trail is on the first half mile of the Rahway Trail, which starts near the parking lot.

The hike is easy and suitable for all ages, but be prepared to be enchanted by the fairy trail! Sources: Fairy Trail – South Mountain Conservancy.

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