A quiet, scenic hike on a private membership-based trail system.


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If you are looking for a scenic and relaxing hike in Farmington, Connecticut, the Winding Trails Loop is a great choice.

This 2.9-mile loop trail takes you through a beautiful forest with wildflowers and wildlife.

You will also pass by a lake and a pond, where you can enjoy the views and the sounds of nature. The trail starts at the Winding Trails Camp, which is a private club that charges a fee to enter.

For more information about memberships, please visit [https://www.windingtrails.org/](https://www.windingtrails.org/).

From the parking lot, follow the signs for the loop trail, which is marked with blue blazes.

The trail is mostly flat and easy, with some gentle hills and curves.

The trail surface is a mix of dirt, gravel, and pavement. Along the way, you will encounter several junctions with other trails that branch off to different areas of the camp.

You can ignore these junctions and stay on the loop trail, or you can explore some of the side trails if you have more time and energy.

Some of the attractions include a cross-country skiing area, a mountain biking area, a playground, and a beach. The loop trail will bring you back to the parking lot after about an hour of hiking, depending on your pace and how often you stop to admire the scenery.

The trail is open year-round, but may be snowy or icy in winter.

Dogs are not allowed on the trail.

Source: Winding Trails.

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