A classic Kananaskis hike with some scree skiing on the way down!


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Also known as “Yam” locally, this is 9km loop in the Kananskis is a classic trail amongst Calgarians.

Note that the area is also a popular rock climbing route, so please mind your step so as to not knock rocks over the edge.

Although the distance & elevation gain is fairly moderate, the Mt.

Yamnuska Traverse & Scree Slope The descent involves some scrambling and scree skiing, so be prepared for this.

June to October are the best times to hike this trail, and it even makes for a good nature break between days at the Stampede.

The trail is fairly well marked with blue squares and paint around the chimney and there are chains on the steeper parts of the scramble to assist.

The descent involves some scree skiing, which can be daunting at first but can also be very fun once you’ve figured out the technique.

It’s recommended you wear some longer socks to prevent the rocks from getting into your socks on your descent.

Generally, you want to find a line that is covered fairly deeply in scree, with minimal obstacles such as big boulders in the way.

When scree skiing down, you want to bend your knees and do a slow-motion job & slide, jumping from foot to foot with your heel being the first part of your foot hitting the scree with each stride.

Check out @OutFullSending on Instagram for a reel on proper scree skiing / “screeing” technique.

It's also not uncommon to see wildlife such as big horn sheep and bears in this area! DOGS: Dogs are permitted on this trail, however scrambling is involved which means you will have to assist your dog in getting up the steeper sections, especially around the chimney.

The descent down the scree may be hard on their paws as the rock is fairly sharp, booties can help with this.

This trail is only recommended for dogs who have scrambling & scree experience.

NOTE: Bears are common in this area.

You may also be required to purchase a Kananaskis Conservation Pass for $15 per day or $90 per year from Alberta.ca. RECOMMENDED GEAR: Poles, Long Socks or Gaiters, Bear Spray