A high desert trail system with gorgeous views and flowy intermediate singletrack.


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The Round Valley trail system is located just outside of Park City proper, but instead of being an alpine environment, this entire trail system is exclusively located in a high desert environment.

This means the trails flow through lots of sagebrush and scrub oak, and also that every year, this trail system is the first one to open for mountain biking on dry dirt in the spring and the last to close in the fall.

In mid-winter, Round Valley also hosts the majority of the fat biking in Park City. The loop mapped here hits the key highlights in Round Valley, but multiple options exist.

The Rusty Shovel trail specifically is a must-ride highlight.

"Rusty Shovel has some great built, armored berms," said Scott House of Jans/White Pine Touring in Park City.

Thanks to the more recent trail design and construction compared to other trails in Round Valley, the flow on Rusty Shovel is top-notch, providing an uber-fun descent. While Round Valley is located down in the valley, surprisingly that means the views are actually some of the best in Park City.

"Because you’re not riding actually up on the mountain itself and you’re riding in the valley, you get some really incredible views, which I think you often don’t get on a lot of trails in Utah, because its canyon country," said House.

"Round Valley provides incredible views of the Park City ridgeline and out to the Uinta Mountains." If you're looking for a more intense mountain biking experience, Round Valley connects directly to Trailside Bike Park, which is filled with dirt jump lines, downhill trails, skills obstacles, and more. Sources: https://mountaintrails.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/RV17.jpg https://whitepinetouring.com/ https://www.jans.com/