A popular day hike option on the Bull Run Occoquan Trail.


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If you are looking for a scenic hike along a beautiful river, the Bull Run Occoquan Trail is a great option.

This lengthy trail follows the course of Bull Run from Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville to Fountainhead Regional Park in Fairfax Station.

Along the way, you will enjoy views of the river, forests, wetlands, and wildlife.

You will also encounter some historic sites, such as the ruins of Virginia's first hydroelectric dam and various Civil War landmarks. The trail is mostly dirt and gravel, with some easy rock scrambles and stream crossings.

It is well-marked with blue blazes and signs.

There are several parking areas and access points along the trail, so you can choose to hike the whole trail or a shorter section.

While the entire trail measures about 18 miles long, one of the most popular short sections for an easy hike is 6-mile round-trip out-and-back shown here.

This achievable day hike begins at a well-developed trailhead parking lot on Old Yates Ford Road and ends at a beautiful cascade waterfall. Sources: Bull Run Occoquan Trail | Nova Parks.

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