A lengthy trail run along a beautiful river passing historical sites and pristine woodlands.


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If you are looking for a long and scenic trail run along a historic river, the Bull Run Occoquan Trail is a great option.

This lengthy trail follows the course of Bull Run from Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville to Fountainhead Regional Park in Fairfax Station.

Along the way, you will enjoy views of the river, forests, wetlands, and wildlife.

You will also encounter some historic sites, such as the ruins of Virginia's first hydroelectric dam and various Civil War landmarks. The trail is mostly dirt and gravel, with some easy rock scrambles and stream crossings.

It is well-marked with blue blazes and signs.

The trail is open to hikers, trail runners, and horseback riders, but not to bikers.

There are several parking areas and access points along the trail, so you can choose to run the whole trail or a shorter section.

You can also combine the trail with other trails in the parks, such as the red and yellow horse trails in Hemlock Overlook Regional Park. The Bull Run Occoquan Trail is a wonderful way to explore the natural and cultural heritage of Northern Virginia.

It offers a variety of terrain and scenery, from peaceful woodlands to rapids and waterfalls.

Whether you run for a few minutes or a few hours, you will find something to enjoy on this trail. Sources: Bull Run Occoquan Trail | Nova Parks.

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