One of the most brutally-technical and high-consequence mountain bike trails in Central Colorado.


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For years, finding the best access points to the Vitamin B trail required knowing the right person...

and usually a six pack of beer.

Granted, the secret was poorly kept, but nevertheless Vitamin B has technically an unauthorized, illegal route. Not anymore! Both the Forest Service and the BLM have legalized the Vitamin B trail on their respective lands, meaning that this route is now official and totally legal.

So far, nothing has changed in the trail’s alignment and character.

Simply put, this is one of the biggest, burliest, most technical mountain bike trails in Central Colorado.

The singletrack roughly follows the spine of a rock ridge from high in the mountains, eventually ending down in the river bottom.

This rogue trail alignment incorporates all manner of uber-technical rock features, such as massive slickrock rolls, rock gardens, drops of all sizes, ledgy stair steps… and even more rocks.

While most of the sections can be rolled, a few are extremely tight, techy, or just plain big, and will make most riders carry their bike.

Optional lines can expand the difficulty dramatically, turning what might be a rock roll feature on the lefthand side into a 10-foot drop on the righthand side.

Choose your own adventure, and try not to drop anything blind! In addition to the incredibly challenging technical character, the views from this rocky ridgeline are simply stunning.

With vistas in all directions, riders will enjoy views of the Sawatch Range, the Buffalo Peaks in the Mosquito range, and the rolling hills of the Fourmile Area.

Vitamin B can be shuttled using CR 375 if the gate is open, or it can be ridden as a loop with the road as shown here.

While technically the singletrack is open to traffic in both directions, riding up this trail is basically impossible.