Hike along the elevated ridgeline with stunning views of the Gunnison Valley.


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While Hartman Rocks is known primarily as a trail system for mountain biking, the multi-use trail system also offers great hiking opportunities.

With a rich history carved initially by moto riders, the trails have evolved into a labyrinth of possibilities for hikers.

Hartman Rocks offers a wide spectrum of terrain—from sandy paths to rocky challenges that will test your mettle, sprawling across an immense area. The trails at Hartman's are found on an elevated high desert mesa filled with beautiful decomposing granite rock formations.

The northern end of the mesa ends in a steep cliffside that drops precipitously to the valley below.

Along the top of the cliff bands and steep hillside run a series of stunningly-beautiful trails, anchored by the aptly-named "Top of the World" trail. The singletrack here winds up and down through beautiful rock formations on the edge of the cliffs.

These elevated stretches of trail provide hikers with expansive views over the Gunnison Valley, the town of Gunnison, and the Elk Range beyond.

And if you look to the south, you can also catch glimpses of the San Juans in the distance.

The singletrack through this section is quite rocky and chunky, but all obstacles are easy to overcome. While a short section of doubletrack dirt road is utilized to make the loop connection, the road hiking is short, and the vast majority of this 8.4-mile loop is on beautiful singletrack!