Canada's Hardest 10K


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



With 1000m of rugged vertical delivered within the first 5km, this race really is Canada's toughest 10K.

Starting in picturesque Downtown Blairmore, this race takes you across the Crowsnest River within the first KM, where you'll immediately start the 1000m climb up Bluff Mountain.

The extremely well-marked course climbs along the rocky shoulder of Bluff Mountain with some single track forested sections.

Halfway up the climb, you will hit a scree section where it looks like a chunk of the mountain has sheared off.

You'll want to be careful and mindful of runners below you at this point for a couple of switchbacks up the scree.

Once past the scree section, you'll continue climbing on the ridge of Bluff Mountain with amazing views of the Crowsnest Range that serves as the barrier between the Rocky Mountains and the prairies.

After topping out at the peak of Bluff Mountain, you'll start descending down a steep single track trail.

Don't get too excited though, as halfway down, there is a short, sneaky section of ~50m in climbing.

Once off the mountain, you'll follow the same route you took from the start to the finish line.

The relatively flat, last 500m coming into the finish chute makes for a great place for a final sprint across the finish line.