An absolute must-ride in Fernie.


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If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding mountain bike loop in Fernie, BC, look no further than the Hyperventilation and Hyperextension loop.

This loop combines two of the most iconic trails in the Castle Mountain area, offering a world-class climb and a thrilling descent. The loop starts from the Montane Blue trailhead, where you follow a mellow trail up to the Roots junction.

From there, you cross over River Road Extension and continue up Roots until you reach the Hyperventilation trail.

This is where the real fun begins. Hyperventilation is a steep and technical singletrack that zigzags up the mountain with tight switchbacks, roots, rocks and some exposure.

The trail is hard to clean without putting a foot down, but it rewards you with stunning views of the Elk Valley and the Lizard Range.

At the top, you can take a break at the bench and enjoy the scenery. Hyperextension is the primary descent from the top of Hyperventilation.

It starts off with some gnarly roots, twists and turns, and some steeper sections.

It soon mellows out and becomes a flowy and fun singletrack that weaves through the forest.

The final section is called Roots Extension, and it is a blast of smooth and fast trail that spits you out on River Road Extension. The Hyperventilation and Hyperextension loop is a must-do for any mountain biker visiting Fernie.

It will challenge you, reward you and leave you breathless. Sources: Hike to Hyperventilation Viewpoint | Fernie, B.C. Conversation with Bing, 6/23/2023