A rowdy fall line descent dropping thousands of feet down to the town of Salida.


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The Guts trail is a classic fall line tech descent off of the Rainbow trail, dropping all the way down to the outskirts of Salida far, far below.

In recent years, the lower section was labeled with the moniker "Lost Trail," while the upper section remained a renegade trail. But Guts is a renegade trail no longer! After being legalized by the US Forest Service, this trail is now legit and can be added to the maps of the area.

Thus far, little has changed in the trail character. The descent starts off steep and loose, funneling into a series of tight berms.

Lower down, the trail grade mellows a touch, which only allows riders to carry even more momentum.

Drops and old school gap jumps are sprinkled throughout the descent, but all of the jumps feature a ride around.

The trail gets its name from an area where the singletrack swoops back and forth through a narrow valley, aka the "Guts" of the mountainside.

Two lines actually run through the Guts—a taller and steeper line and a shorter and mellower line, which look like intestines when viewed from above. As the trail continues to drop, the tread gets tighter, rockier, and drier as it enters the high desert environment found on lower Methodist Mountain. After crossing the power line, Guts drops straight into Lost Trail.

Lost offers up tight berms, kickers, step downs, and lots more high speed fall line descending. Guts is undoubtedly an old school gnar line, and requires a relevant skillset in order to navigate it confidently.

For riders who like it steep and loose, Guts delivers!