Fischbek - Buchholz i.d. Nordheide (26 km)


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



A landscape of heather like a picture book.

On its banks, the dry Fischbeker Heath valley has formed small hills.

The path swings from left to right, up and down slightly.Again and again small paths branch off, get lost in the heather behind juniper bushes or small oaks.

A custom-made prelude.

Then a steep ascent through the pine forest.

The heath opens above the sliding surface.

To the northwest is the view.

There, where somewhere the Elbe flows to the mouth.

Along the border between Hamburg and Lower Saxony, the path later disappears into the dark mixed forest.

Langenrehm is the name of the typical heath villages on Heidschnuckenweg.

What remains are the mighty oaks between the old houses grouped around the village square.

Short rest on a bench at the edge of the village.

View to the south, where the Lueneburger Heide begins.

Again the path swings gently through the forest and over the hills.

Then through picturesque meadows to Nenndorf.

In Dibbersen, a detour to the historic windmill on the northern outskirts of the city is worthwhile.

In the south of the village is Mount Danger.

View of the nearby Buchholz, in the distance one believes to recognize the Wilseder Berg.

Beautiful forest roads lead to Steinbeck, the suburb of Buchholz.

Then through the city forest, proudly called 'The Mountains'.

In the city centre the cafes are waiting for their guests.