Buchholz i.d. Nordheide - Handeloh (15 km)


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Hell of the Lüneburger Heide? From Buchholz it's not far to hell.

A piece along the Heide Railway, past Suerhop station and the Heidschnuckenweg disappears as a path in the loose mixed forest.

After a crest the descent over a steep sandy slope.

A deeply cut dry valley.

The Gulch of Hell.

A resounding and imposing name for the narrow, dark valley, whose steeply sloping edges are barely 10 metres high.

If this valley is hell, then the near Brunsberg - only a few hundred meters away - must be heaven.

From all directions, the paths run in a star shape up to the 129-metre-high elevation.

Blossoming heather and white young birches see your eyes.

The small nature reserve, the northernmost heath area in the Nordheide, is manageable.

In the south-east, the 40-metre-high Wilseder Berg rises above the forest.

On sandy paths down the Brunsberg, past the first birches and small boulders.

The forest is quiet, the step is soft.

Narrow paths lead up to the horse's head, which rises like a cone at the northern edge of the Büsenbach valley.

Under the small wooden footbridge, the crystal-clear Büsenbach gurgles in its narrow bed - barely rising from the spring.

From the high resting place at the southern edge of the heathland you have a view of the entire Heide valley.

Blueberry bushes line the path.

The forest is getting darker and darker.

Spruce and fir take the light.

Later a light gravel path in the dark fir.

Even before the first houses of Handeloh, the Heidschnuckenweg makes a detour to the Heide Railway.

The path along the tracks leads directly to the centre of the village.