A quick hit from Rossland to a gorgeous little summit


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Accessed from the Centennial parking lot just above Rossland, hiking up Columbia Kootenay Mountain is a great way of passing a couple of hours on a summer's evening.

The route is easy to follow, intuitive and well signposted - so there's no excuse not to get it done! The route from Centennial parking lot can be done as a there-and-back (and there are countless others trails to explore in order to lengthen the trip a bit) but doing it as a loop and finishing in Rossland is the best option.

Getting dropped off at the parking lot is ideal but it's only a little bit of extra effort just to walk from the trailhead from downtown. Once on the trail you quickly leave the noise of the highway behind and can enjoy the ambience of the forests.

The trail is easy to follow and before you know it you're looking down on Rossland from the summit, which is equipped with a handy bench from which to admire the view. Just for the sake of variety, descending the Pale Ale trail is a nice way to descend back to the main path, but be aware of bikers coming down behind you and be prepared to get out of the way! Having got back to the main path, turn right and follow it as it leaves the forest behind and widens into a service road.

Stroll down this, admiring the lovely rural properties en route, all the way back to Rossland, where cold beer and warm pizza await.