Undeloh - Niederhaverbeck (14 km)


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The heath begins just behind the village pond of Undeloh.

The Heidschnuckenweg leads along the fences of the houses into the Radenbach valley.

The variant about the Heide-Erlebniszentrum is worthwhile, in which the emergence of the heath landscape becomes comprehensible.

The Radenbach Valley: one of the most beautiful and pristine Heath Valleys.

On its short path from the nearby Wilseder Berg to the Schmalen Aue, reinforced by the Undeloher Dorfbach, which also feeds the village pond, the Radenbach has formed a flat, gently rolling valley.

From left and right further small valleys flow in.

Broom and bell heath cover the flat slopes.

The path runs up and down mostly above the Radenbach.

In the valley floor the "Wilseder Roten" (cows) graze for landscape conservation.

And now and then even the Dülmen wild horses appear between the trees.

On historical traces.

The Heidepastor Wilhelm Bode, founder of the association Naturschutzpark, left his parish in Egestorf almost daily to Wilsede over 120 years ago.

The Heidschnuckenweg leads on the Pastor-Bode-Weg over the Radenbachsteg.

Lively splashing of clear water.

A short boardwalk through marshy forest.

From now on it's going up.

60 meters of altitude difference want to be overcome until Wilsede.

Wide heathland sloping north to the Radenbach, small pieces of pine forest, wild boars startle and disappear into the nearby forest.

The path rises imperceptibly.

Shortly before Wilsede the impressive, centuries-old beeches of the former Hutewald.

Wilsede: The epitome of the Heath Village, car-free, a collection of widely scattered houses, one more beautiful than the other, with trees in between, formerly to protect against wind and erosion and for the mostly poor Heidjer as a food supplier for the pigs of existential importance, today one of the typical characteristics of the old Heath Village.

The clatter of the horse hooves on the stony village road, in between hikers and other pedestrians from all over the world.