Niederhaverbeck - Bispingen (17 km)


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



Over the bridge of the Haverbeeke and then straight into the heath at Bockelmanns Gasthof.


After the first small ascent, the valley spreads out.

The watershed between the Weser and Elbe is inconspicuous.

On the right, the moor of the Wümme spring area stretches out.

A small lake flashes in the sun.

On the left a sheepfold, somewhere the heathens are bleating.

The turnoff in front of the Wulfsberg.

Then past the Brunau spring area, which flows into the Luhe and then into the Elbe.

Low sand dunes along the way.

Fine white sand that the heath has not yet completely covered.

Unknown Behringer Heide.

Risen to life not long ago.

Trees were removed to allow the sun, which is vital for the heath, to pass through.

Bockelmann's sheepfold stands alone in the forest.

Further on through the heath.

In the forest before Behringen again these vibrations of the way.

Around the hills covered with blueberries.

Behind Behringen the Brunausee.

The path winds along the shore.

Alders fight against dumping, the small waves tirelessly undermine the root ball.

Later the Brunau valley widens.

After the Lönsklause a steep ascent.

The Borsteler Kuhlen.

A wild heath and juniper landscape has settled here.

Heathland in its original form.

There are still two hollows.

In between, the forest has already been cleared of undergrowth so that the heath can settle again.

And two becomes one again.

Brunau has grown tall.

On the bridge in front of Hützel you can contemplate the quietly flowing little river, your thoughts drift with you.

From Hützel it is not far to Bispingen.

Still along the old Kerkhof, then the Schäferplatz in the centre of the village is reached.