Niederhaverbeck - Schneverdingen - Bispingen (26 km)


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This route is a variant of the main route.

In order to distinguish this variant from the main route (Niederhaverbeck - Bispingen), the variant has been marked with a yellow "H" on a black background.

The valley of the Haverbeeke: alders line the shore, the stream looks for its way in the valley bottom.

Form a small moor.

On the left, heathland climbs up to the rise between the Wümme and the Haverbeeke.

The side trip to the nearby Alfred-Töpfer-Blick is worthwhile: View of the Wümmemoor, the spring area.

On the other side of the Wümmeberg at the edge of the forest, also a worthwhile side trip.

The Spitzbubenweg begins at the low Wümme bridge.

A narrow path as a direct connection between Niederhaverbeck and Schneverdingen, diagonally to the forestry roads.

Cosy forest path, close to the trees.

Fir and spruce, beech and birch.

After crossing the Bundestraße, finally the Osterheide.

It is almost inconceivable that tanks ploughed up the heath here until 1994.

What has remained is one of the largest contiguous areas of the Lüneburg Heath.

A small lake in the middle of the heath, the New Year's Eve Lake.

Then past the big sheepfold.

Just outside Schneverdingen, the Heidschnuckenweg makes a large curve first to the south, then turns again to the east.

Through the pine forest a detour to the One World Church on the eastern edge of the village, earth donations from all over the world form the altar.

Those who visit the Pietzmoor can walk for miles on wooden footbridges through the moor.

The Bohlenweg at Heidschnuckenweg crosses the small Möhrer Moor.

Then Hofgut Möhr and further along Lindenallee.

Through the southern foothills of the Osterheide to Tütsberg.

The old estate is idyllically situated on a hill high above the Brunautal.

Well fortified we then head to Behringen, meeting point with the way out of the Behringer Heide, and continue on the main path to Bispingen.