Bispingen - Soltau (23 km)


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Only a few steps from Schäferplatz in the centre of Bispingen stands the old church from 1353, one of the oldest buildings in the Lüneburg Heath.

Protective stone walls, simple interior to stand still.

Over the small Luhebrücke.

Along the Luhe valley the Heidschnuckenweg leaves the heath town.

The Luhe, only a small brook left.

Near the motorway there are three terraced spring ponds.

The bank for a short break.

Under arid pines the narrow path winds through blueberry and heather bushes.

The forest is getting lighter.

After crossing under the motorway, fields and small pieces of forest alternate.

Right, left - right, left.

At the rhythm of the forest and field edges, the route leads to Kreuzberg, the last large heath area on the northern heath.

Twenty years ago, it was a military training area.

Now the heathland has reclaimed the terrain.

Tourists rarely find their way here, a real insider tip.

Next stop Heide Park Resort.

The high towers of the rides are clearly visible from Kreuzberg.

The Deimern farms and the Ehbläcksmoor lie along the way.

And then a pot of coffee and a piece of cake at the Hotel Port Royal.

There is green access to the city of games.

The Boehme rises in the Pietzmoor.

The eastern shore, on which the Heidschnuckenweg also runs, is hilly.

Again and again views from above on the dark river flowing in countless curves.

Alders have conquered the shore.

Not far from the Boehme between the blueberries a circular pond in the forest.

The banks drop steeply to the bottomless hollow, in reality about 5 meters deep.

Back on the banks of the Bohemian, the path becomes narrower and runs directly along the river.

Suddenly at the edge of the forest the Soltau swimming pool.

And the big sister, the baths.

A bath and relaxation for tired legs would be good now.

The winding paths lead through the Böhmepark with its ponds to the nearby city centre.