Soltau - Wietzendorf (18 km)


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



Travel Soltau.

Everywhere along the way playful fountains and sculptures, small and big games for young and old.

After the city centre, the suburban romanticism of the residential areas on the way south.

Together with the Great Meadow under the railway embankment.

Idyll at the edge of the forest and stream banks: a large tree trunk, boulders, sandy steep banks, brown boggy water of the floodplain.

In the pond mountains things are modestly uphill.

One of the countless forest edges, here with a wide strip of heather and juniper and expansive oaks, tempts you to rest.

Landscape for the soul, with constant alternation of forest, meadow and fields.

Between Tiegen and Abelbeck via the motorway.

"You just rest - I've found my pace in the rhythm of walking." The discovery of slowness, walking with all senses: Feeling, smelling, tasting, seeing and hearing.

The highway noise ebbs away, silence returns.

On the inconspicuous Königsberg then expanse to the horizon - or to the pines.Colourful forest edges to Meinholz.

Over the Auebrücke.

The path now follows the course of the floodplain, through Wittenmoor and Katzenmoor.

Finally through the meadows of Wietzendorf, where the floodplain flows into the Wietze.

A coffee is waiting at the town hall square.