Wietzendorf - Mueden (Oertze) (14 km)


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The church tower as the highest elevation of Wietzendorf in the back continues in the Wietzetal.

The path climbs gently up to the edge of the forest to the Häteler Berg.

Another look back to Wietzendorf.

The church tower is now two kilometres away.

Only 20 metres above the plain and yet: at the Häteler Berg the views on the western horizon are lost.

Back in the forest, a small heathland area supported by active citizens is fighting against shrubbery and forestation - with success so far.

Then again mixed pine forest, blueberries and again and again forest edges.

Long, sandy path to the 7-armed signpost.

The name-giving sign huddles inconspicuously in a corner at the large crossroads of seven paths.

Colourful flowers stand at the edge of the path and forest near Hohenbackeberg.

A narrow path leads to the Wietzer Berg.

Past the sheepfold.

And then the large, massive boulder in honour of the heath poet Hermann Löns at the highest point of the Wietzer mountain.

A heath landscape from the picture book - and indeed one of the well-known postcard motifs: juniper forest, extensive heathland spots, occasionally birches in the transition to the nearby forest, in the background the local valley.

Sandy paths with the typical black edges.

Tired lies still hidden by the forest.

But the first houses are quickly reached.

Over the Wietzesteg it goes into the picturesque heath village at the confluence of Wietze and Örtze.

The old historical centre around St.

Laurentius Church has retained its original charm.

Cobblestones, mighty oaks, large half-timbered courtyards with colourful farm gardens, inviting farm cafés and beautifully decorated shops with regional heather products: Müden (Örtze) is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Lüneburger Heide.