Mueden (Oertze) - Fassberg (7 km)


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The places are cold, the dark water is good for paddling.

At the old water mill, which today houses the tourist information, is the entry point.

The Örtze also feeds the Heide Lake.

The Heidschnuckenweg follows the shoreline.

In 1976 the water of the village was quickly diverted and dammed up.

The lake measures 800 metres from the northern tip to the dam.

After the Örtzesteg, a small path turns left.

The trees move ever closer together, grasses and alders stand ever more proliferating and mysterious.

In its sandy bed the localities form steep banks as well as impact and sliding slopes.

A dream trail.

It winds more or less close to the shore, slightly up and down, close to nature.

Dragonflies buzz through the air, otters glide through the water, kingfishers roar back and forth just above the surface.

Even beavers are said to have been seen here.

It's a pity that the Heidschnuckenweg in Poitzen leaves the river-forest adventure trail.

The old railway line on the outskirts of Poitzen already announces Fassberg.

Just across the fields and through the forest to the first houses.

Only in the 30's of the last century as a settlement for the air base of the same name, Fassberg has remained faithful to aviation to this day.

Remarkable the many greens in the planned housing estate, the generous distances between the houses.

In the middle of the western foothills of the settlement a moor pond.

Along the main street, which leads directly to the main gate, the pedestrian path is more like a walking path, which is bordered on the left and right by flowers, lawn and trees, even small groves.