Fassberg - Oberoher Heide (19 km)


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The Berlin Airlift Memorial Museum is located on the edge of the air base.

In 1948 and 1949 the raisin bombers flew from Faßberg into Berlin, which was blocked by the Soviet occupation: potatoes, grain, coal, medicines and some bars of chocolate.

The Heidschnuckenweg leads along the airbase.

Then he passes the heath village Schmarbeck with its old farms under mighty oaks.

The juniper forest lies on a hilltop.

The sandy path curves around the countless junipers, which aspire here in all imaginable, partly bizarre forms to the sun.

In the middle of the forest hides a small hut.

The spicy scent of black berries blends with the chirping of crickets and the humming of bees.

After crossing the Schmarbeck stream, the variant of the Heidschnuckenweg branches off, which leads directly over the heath lake at the former diatomaceous earth mining area of Oberohe into the large Neuoher Heide.

To the right comes the Schmarbecker Grube, then the Dübelsheide.

The bleating of the snouts is unmistakable.

At the edge of the forest with a beautiful view of the heath, the path leaves its mark.

Then it disappears as a path in the deciduous forest.

The cycle path takes you to the Gerdehaus farms.

Only here is the next possibility to cross the small brook Sothrieth dry foot.

A short forest crossing.

The terrain is now noticeably more mountainous.

Heathland rises to the south.

The Hausselberg rises more than 40 metres above the surrounding area.

Above, there is a small hut on the edge of the heath.

A beautiful rest area.

The view goes north over Fassberg and the air base.

In good weather, the Wilseder Berg can be seen 35 kilometres away.

On the southern side of the Hausselberg stands one of the many Gaussian survey stones in the middle of a small heath area.

The mathematician, astronomer and royal Hanoverian state surveyor had these stones set up all over the country.

Isolated forests, sandy paths, deciduous forest and coniferous forest - until the Neuoher Heide opens up.