Oberoher Heide - Weesen (12 km)


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The Oberoher Heide is one of the largest contiguous areas of the Südheide - and home to a wide variety of heathlands: Heath under high, light birch trees, a small juniper forest, sand coves and small ponds, extensive heath stretches and many forest edges.

Tip: If you want to get to know the Oberoher Heide better, you can start from the small hut and take a long walk through the heath.

Duration approx.

1 hour, Heidschnucken - almost - guaranteed.

The Heidschnuckenweg roams the Oberoher Heide in the south.

First the birch forest and then the small juniper forest.

South along the edge of the forest.

Right gnarled beech, left flowering heather.

In the case of the strikingly large beech, it's "Oberoher Heide, on a reunion." After a few meters another small heath area to say goodbye.

Here the way to Unterlüß station branches off.

The hiker dives into the pine forest.

South, towards the next heathland.

Who knows the heath at Schillohsberg? Probably not even all the locals.

It opens to the south, flat heathland valleys, in the background a small landscape with an alternation of meadows, fields and woods.

Up and down along the edge of the forest.

Finally, a path down to Lutterloh, an accumulation of houses and farms under large oaks, so typical for the heath.

Behind Lutterloh the path leads along the small Lutterloher Heide.

Then it goes straight west.

Sometimes quite varied pine forest.

Finally the village of Weesen.

The feeling of having arrived.