Weesen - Dehningshof (13 km)


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The Misselhorner Heide stretches through the forest like an elongated arch.

The heather stripe is narrow.

From the parking lot the path mostly follows the upper narrow path through the heath.

Sand, juniper bushes, occasionally nicely spreading pine trees.

The heath scratches the shoes, the sand crunches under the sole.

Like a latch, a small pine-clad valley crosses the path.

Then there's only one wide strip of heather.

Finally the deep valley opens up.

Although only a few hundred metres wide, the panorama from the edge of the forest is impressive.

It's got to be quiet.

And the nearby forest.

It provides security.

Few visitors get lost here.

On the path it goes through the heath down into the valley - the deep valley.

Then the pines get thicker.

The forest is varied.

Silence, only the hum of the forest can be heard.

After crossing the road, the forest becomes more even.

The uniformly high pines were planted after the last great blaze of the Lüneburg Heath.

In August 1975, the largest forest fire to date in the Federal Republic of Germany raged here.

Almost only black stumps on more than 8,000 hectares of forest.

Five firefighters died in the flames.

There, where the fire is said to have broken out at that time, stands a memorial stone at the Angelbecksteich today.

The Heidschnuckenweg circumnavigates the idyllically situated fire pond on the barrier-free hiking trail.

Resting on the wooden couches, dreaming and thinking about the desert past.

Only a little more than a kilometre: The Dehningshof is invitingly situated in the middle of the forest.