Dehningshof - Residenzstadt Celle (27 km)


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



The forests of the southern heath want to be hiked.

Paths on the map look like little variety and rather uneventful.

On foot they turn out to be extremely rich in treasures along the way.

They are by no means as straight as it looks on the map.

You commute slightly to the left and right along a wide road.

Along the waysides wide, varied heath or bush strips, only then follows the pine forest.

From the Dehningshof it is less than 2 kilometres, there lies the small Severloher Heide on the wayside.

This small, gently sloping area to the west is in fact the last large contiguous heathland area on the way to Celle.

It is only 500 meters from the beginning to the mighty oak at the other end.

A small Heidebach, the bridge for the hikers, the ford for the horses.

And then up to the 84 meter high lemon mountain.

In the ditch on the left (eastern) side a military narrow-gauge railway ran for a total of 16 days in 1892 - just for practices sake, then the line was dismantled again.

The Wildecker ponds hide behind a small dam.

The water surface spreads surprisingly large, a paradise for migratory birds.

For migratory birds with backpacks, the bench under the old beech trees is just right.

The path looks for its course on the wide track, from left to right, becomes sandy, turns around deep puddles.

At the Kohlenbach forester's lodge, it finds its firm form again among the trees of an allée.

Small meadows to the left.

Again the path oscillates between the sides.

Birches stand at the edge, partly in heather.

In autumn the yellow leaves glow.

Dense forest on the last stretch with shyness.

Behind Scheuen at the gliding field a small heath area.

A former sand cave, now densely overgrown with deciduous trees.

A lake is dreaming.

Beautiful forest roads on the way to Klein Hehlen.

The Aller is already close to the Klein Hehlener Waldsee.

Finally the meadows.

The goal before eyes: Straight ahead it goes to Celle, along the Altarm der Aller.

Finally, the station bridge.

Now the last small piece to the city centre.

In the drifting plants a last winding - this time along the beds.

Then Celle Castle.

It rises majestically in the castle park, surrounded by a moat.

The goal has been achieved.

In the nearby old town waits far more than just a latte...

You deserve it.