A superb selection of Carvin Cove's flowiest trails.


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The Carvin's Cove trail system is the undisputed mountain biking hotspot in the Roanoke region.

The entire trail network is situated on land owned by the city of Roanoke.

At 12,000 acres in size, "it is the second largest municipal park in the United States (behind South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona)," according to an article on Singletracks.com. Carvin's Cove offers 40 miles of singletrack and has "another 40 in the works," according to RootsRated.com.

The trails are split into roughly two halves: the high trails that run up and down the mountain, and the lower trails near the base. Mapped here is a big figure-8-style ride on the lower trails...

but of course, even the route mapped here could be shortened. The lower trails are much less technical than the steeper trails up high, making for a great stepping stone for beginner and early intermediate riders.

Trails like Four Gorge were constructed with IMBA-approved trail building techniques, providing rolling climbs and descents, and well-benched singletrack. The Enchanted Forest is a rare gem of a trail.

"This flat singletrack runs through a stand of old growth pine trees," according to Singletracks.com.

"Evergreens aren’t very common in this region, so riding through the deep trees on the quiet of the pine straw is a rare treat for the locals." Sources: https://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-trails/trail-tuesday-carvins-cove-roanoke-virginia/ https://rootsrated.com/stories/is-roanoke-the-best-up-and-coming-mtb-destination-in-the-southeast