A popular loop that accesses the upper mountain at Carvin's Cove.


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The Carvin's Cove trail system is the undisputed mountain biking hotspot in the Roanoke region.

The entire trail network is situated on land owned by the city of Roanoke.

At 12,000 acres in size, "it is the second largest municipal park in the United States (behind South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona)," according to an article on Singletracks.com. Carvin's Cove offers 40 miles of singletrack and has "another 40 in the works," according to RootsRated.com.

The trails are split into roughly two halves: the high trails that run up and down the mountain, and the lower trails near the base. Hi-Dee-Ho is one of the most popular descents off the top of the upper mountain as it returns directly to the main Carvin’s Cove Trailhead.

While getting to the top requires a grind up a fire road, the ripping descent down Hi-Dee-Ho will make you forget all of that pain instantly! One of the original gnarly descents in this system, the trail tread is steep and techy, with some tight off-camber sections of singletrack.

Offering up plenty of roots and stretches of sharp trail, Hi-Dee-Ho "demands absolute control,” according to an article on Singletracks.com.

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