A combination of the fun flowy Red and rockier, more technical Black routes at Kirroughtree


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Hidden in the atmospheric misty Galloway forest, deep in the remote southwest of Scotland is Kirroughtree, arguably the riders' choice of the 7Stanes MTB trail centres.

The 7Stanes are a network of 7 trail centres across the south of Scotland.

(Stane means stone and each site has a special stone—from meteorites to sculptures en-route.) The other Stane sites include the ever-popular Glentress and Innerleithen.

Kirroughtree is a long way from anywhere, which gives this area such a unique, wild feel.

While it’s a mission getting here, it’s a good job the trails won’t disappoint.

The Red is flowy and fast with challenges to keep you on your toes.

It’s more natural and rougher than most reds and combining it with the Black provides a full day out that you’ll want to ride again (when your legs recover!). The so-called McMoab section is probably the most iconic feature in the 7stanes.

McMoab is a large area of rock slabs made up of super grippy granite, which, like it’s Utah cousin, has arrows marked on it to take you on a balance and skill session to test those handling skills.

It ends with a steep chute to further test the nerve.

Well-worth a detour to try and finish it without dabbing! Back on the Black, the classic riding is wet, loose, and slippery for the rest of the trail.

Get it on a dry day and the riding becomes super fast and loose, but that’s unusual! To ride both the Red and Black trails is a tough day out here—the singletrack trails are relentless in their challenge, but it's well worth the effort.

Finish with some excellent cake at the café or stay in the area to explore the huge wild area around Galloway forest.