The medium-length—and most popular—variant of the Adam's Gulch Loop.


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"Adams Gulch has plenty on tap for you though if you’re thirsty for.


.fun,” writes larserik on [](

“If you harbor any phobias of [wildflowers] or stunning views, then you should probably stay away,” he continues. Like most trails in Sun Valley, this ride passes through an old wildfire zone.

"The Eve Gulch portion of the drainage was severely burned during the Castle Rock Fire, and much of the trail was rerouted by the Ketchum Ranger District late in the summer of 2009,” according to the [BCRD](

Consequently, this portion of the ride can be hot and sunny… but the views are incredible! In other areas, the Adam’s Gulch loop does drop into some deep stands of pine trees, which are surprisingly rare in the Sun Valley region.

Savor the shade when you find it! Completing this loop as mapped requires about 1,500 feet of climbing.

For some riders, this may feel stiff, but if it’s not enough for you, continue further up the mountain to ride the full Adam’s Gulch Loop! The trail itself is generally classic Sun Valley loose-over-hardpacked and like most Sun Valley trails, it’s fast and flowy almost the entire way! That said, some sections exceed.

Keep your eyes out for a few challenging rock gardens and steep pitches. Sources disagree on what difficulty ranking to assign to this trail.

Depending on the source you read, the assigned difficulty ranges from blue (intermediate) all the way up to double black diamond (expert).

Blue/black is most likely an accurate rating.