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The Balcone Trail winds its way through the Upper Susa Valley, in the municipalities of Susa, Meana di Susa, Giaglione, Chiomonte, Gravere, Exilles, Salbertrand, Oulx, Bardonecchia, Cesana Torinese, Claviere, Sauze di Cesana and Sestriere, Crossing the medium altitudes of the slopes and crossing many types of natural environments such as larch forests, pine forests, maple ash until it touches the pastures and sometimes the screes and rocky environments at high altitudes.

The central nodes of the entire route are the centres of Susa, Oulx and Bardonecchia, reached by the railways and affected by public transport lines.

From these larger centres it is possible to reach all the other municipalities of the valley and eventually organise intermediate returns without following the complete itinerary.

The territory of the Upper Susa Valley as a whole has a series of attractions and strengths in terms of hiking enjoyment, including the presence of numerous alpine huts connected to the Balcony Trail and other routes of local, regional and international interest such as the GTA or the Glorious Repatriation of the Waldensians (GRV), the Path of the Franks (SF).

Extremely rich and heterogeneous are also the offers for outdoor sports and recreational activities that take place in the Susa Valley (kayaking, rafting, free ride, mtb, horses, climbing, vie ferrate, mountaineering, snowshoeing, ski touring, cross-country skiing).