Superb early season pedaling on beginner-friendly singletrack.


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The Frisco Peninsula Trail is one of the easiest trails in all of Summit County.

The singletrack is flowy and smooth, and since this loop follows the shoreline of Lake Dillon, the entire ride is quite flat and achievable compared to the epic mountain climbs found on other trails in Summit County.

All of these factors combine to make the Frisco Peninsula Loop one of the best beginner mountain bike rides near Breckenridge, and maybe even in the entire state of Colorado! In addition to its pedaling ease, the Frisco Peninsula is also “one of the county’s most popular early-season mountain bike trail networks,” according to [](

"Typically the first [trail system] to thaw out, it’s a great place to warm up for the season, get used to the altitude or just enjoy a trail quick trail ride next to Lake Dillon at any time during the summer.” The Peninsula trails generally dry out by mid-May, but if you arrive at the trailhead and the gate is closed, that probably means that the trails are still too wet to ride. If you want to add on extra mileage and more climbing, you’ll find a number of other trails located inside of the main Peninsula Loop that criss-cross the low hills.

Working in these additional trails into your route can create a solid half-day ride in this small network. When you roll up to the trailhead, you’ll easily spot the Frisco Bike Park.

This bike park is the perfect place to work on your bike handling skills and to slowly increase your confidence on jumps, thanks to a series of progressive jump lines.

While this spot is great for beginners, the expert jump line is seriously impressive and will require advanced-level jumping skills to clear. Sources: