An excellent beginner loop through the complex Summit County trail system.


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The trail system in Summit County is so intricate and tightly wound that if you just pull out a map and start looking at it, it can be difficult to ascertain how the trails work together to create logical loops and routes.

If you’re trying to find a beginner-friendly route through the maze of singletrack, look no further than this easy loop on the Flume Trails! The Flumes Loop in Summit County is comprised of three distinct trail segments: Upper, Middle, and Lower Flume.

These three trails follow the course of old water flumes that were used to direct water throughout the area.

The trails occasionally dip in and out of the old flumes or cross the narrow trenches with the use of short bridges.

Overall the singletrack on the Flumes Loop is flowy and smooth—perfect for beginner mountain bikers! You’ll still encounter the occasional rock or root to remind you that yes, you’re still mountain biking.

A few sections of trails do follow narrow benches that require attention to navigate, but the fall danger is minimal. In recent years the trails have seen several improvement projects, including the installation of low wooden bridges over low-lying wet spots.

These projects help keep the trails from eroding and your bike clean from mud. The route mapped here has just 630 feet of climbing over its 6.2-mile length, making it one of the flattest and easiest trails in the region. Sources: