A sweet but short south facing aspect that offers numerous great lines


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Out of all the ski resorts within the Southern Alps of New Zealand it seems that Treble Cone is the most well known.

Being that it is based out of the Otago area and just outside of the town of Wanaka this area sees a lot of traffic.

That being said it is a great ski resort but on a powder day make sure to head out early as everyone is looking to get those first powder tracks.

The tour below is one of the main areas outside of the resort but being that the aspect is South facing we were able to find good powder days after a storm. Starting at the Treble Cone parking lot you have 3 options to start the ski tour.

First you can use your lift ticket, second you can buy a 3 ride pass or 3rd you can just skin up the ski hill to access the backside.

Make your way to the top of the Saddle Basin Chair before hiking the last 100 meters up to the Southwest ridge of Treble Cone Peak.

From here you can ride the open west facing slopes before arriving in the lower gully.

Once there it is time to start climbing towards Point 1904 where you will have to bootpack to get up the main headwall before switching back to skins for the final bit.

Once on top skin a bit further to point 1920. Standing up top start your descent down the relatively mellow slopes heading southwest in the basin before it drops directly south.

Immediately once you drop off the ridge the terrain gets steeper and offers some awesome turns down into the basin you started your ascent from.

You can make the most out of your bootpack and get in a few laps before it is time to head back to the resort. When it is time to leave ascend up the west facing slopes until arriving at the high col.

From here you can ski back to the base but it is worth a few extra minutes making it to the top of Treble Cone peak where it should offer a more direct run back down to the base.

Not only is it a better ski but the view alone makes it worth it looking up the Matukituki valley to the north and towards Lake Wanaka to the east.

Going back to the parking lot it is recommended to stay on the main ski runs as it is the only way you can almost guarantee not getting a core shot. For more pictures and the full story check out this link https://www.whereiskylemiller.com/new-zealand/treble-cone-backcountry/