The most technical line in the Pajarito Bike Park.


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Bonecrusher is arguably the most technical line in the Pajarito Bike Park.

It begins to descender's right of the top of the chairlift by ducking over on the dirt road and then looking hard left for the drop-in. The drop-in is fast and furious, and the trail begins by traversing a substantial scree field right below the chairlift that you've undoubtedly been looking at every time you've ridden to the top.

From the chairlift, it's not super obvious that there is a "trail" through the scree.

But when you're actually in the midst of it, the route will unroll before you down the mountainside.

This scree field consists of big, slabby rocks, not small, gravelly scree.

While the slabs are kind of loose, they don't slide too much because they're so big.

A few slabs and boulders are mixed in there as well, demanding full concentration and commitment. After exiting the scree field, the trail quickly dumps into a steep chute that funnels into the Bone Crusher drop, which is the largest drop on the mountain.

You'll see the main drop, a smaller drop next to it (which is still fairly large), and a ride-around option.

From there, Bone Crusher funnels into a steep chute that eventually connects to Fast and Loose.

Fast and Loose is just like the name sounds: ridiculously loose and fast.

Depending on how much moisture Pajarito has received, the "loose" might take precedence over the "fast," but it's still a hell of a ride.

When it's dry, expect to encounter loose, sliding rocks; scree; and dusty dirt sending plumes off your rear wheel.

Lower down the mountain, you can drop into the "Skills Park" with a few small wooden drops to choose from for a mellow runout.