The only "flow trail" down the mountain at Pajarito.


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Aspenola, aka Aspen Flow Trail, is the only somewhat easy flow trail in the entire Pajarito Bike Park as of the time of this writing in 2023.

Yes, there are a few easier trails down the mountain (such as Cub Scout), but those other trails ride more like access roads than actual mountain bike trails.

Aspenola was originally a hand-built singletrack route down the mountain like the rest of the trails at Pajarito, but it was retrofitted a couple of years ago with some machine-built berms.

As such, it's a fairly good flow trail, but at times you can definitely feel the retrofit nature when the flow changes or there’s a gap between the flowy bits.

Consequently, it’s not a perfect flow trail, but it’s the best easy route down the mountain and is a bit of a crowd-pleaser as a result. While you'll find some decent berms on Aspenola, there are very few jumps to be had.

There are a couple of small hits mixed in, but most of the trail consists of swooping through berms and high-speed ripping in between. Although Aspenola gets a "moderate" FATMAP difficulty rating, it’s not really a beginner flow trail.

Instead, you'll want to have intermediate-level skills before attempting Aspenola, due to some fairly fast sections, some loose bits of trail (especially when dry), and a few packs of tight back-to-back turns.