The climbing trail to the top of Pajarito Mountain.


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If you head to the Pajarito Bike Park during the week when the lifts aren't spinning, the Aspen for Trouble trail provides an achievable uphill climb.

Winding its way from the base area to the top of the mountain, this switchbacked climbing trail is a reasonable pedal—albeit with some spicy bits mixed in.

Many riders will also opt to use their ebikes to burn through the climb faster to get to the real reward: the downhill runs. The climb begins in the thick timber at the bottom of the resort, climbing slowly via a series of switchbacks.

Several welcome grade reversals and slight downgrades on the lower slopes offer a welcome break from the uphill grind. After you reach the mountain's far northwestern corner, the climbing begins in earnest, ascending via a series of stacked switchbacks.

You'll soon leave the towering pines behind in favor of whispering aspen groves.

This section of the mountain burned some years ago, so you'll note the aspen saplings regrowing in this section. After climbing high onto the mountain slopes, the views will really open up as you cross some wide-open ski runs.

And finally, you'll reach the final pitch to the top of the mountain: a long traverse taking you from the northwestern corner back over to the main lift. Once on top of the mountain, the world is your oyster! You can choose any of a dozen trails for your potential downhill.

And if you have the legs (or battery) for more, you can crank out as many laps as you have the energy for!