A ripping shuttle run from the flanks of Pajarito Mountain to the town of Los Alamos.


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The Camp May Road Trail is a short but sweet shuttle run beginning off the side of the road by the same name.

Unfortunately, the singletrack doesn't quite stretch all the way to Pajarito Bike Park due to a fire that destroyed a section of trail.

However, the singletrack that remains is still a sweet ride! The route mapped here begins descending almost immediately on a mellow, flowy singletrack trail.

As you descend, the trail gets progressively rockier and more technical, but the wide-open sight lines allow you to blaze down the mountainside at mach-chicken! You'll often come flying off a smooth singletrack, blast through some rock slabs and chunk, and then return to the smooth track very quickly. The lower section of the trail gets significantly rockier, with a series of embedded slabs.

As the singletrack reaches a steeper section of hillside, it switchbacks a few times to descend the steep final pitch.

One section on this final pitch features big rock blocks and loose sliding sand and rock bits.

Coupled with the exposure, this section can be difficult or impossible to ride.

This one brief section definitely exceeds the FATMAP "Difficult" rating noted here, but the entire ride overall is nowhere near a "Severe" rating, so you'll just have to deal with walking this one short section. After dropping off the steep hillside, a few swoopy bits lead to the highway.

After crossing the highway, you'll pick up the Gabriella trail to keep the descent rolling. If anything, Gabriella is even easier and straighter than Camp May was, and you'll rocket down the mellow grade of the mountainside, heading for Los Alamos below.

Stay on the trail and avoid the National Laboratory as you pass through this closely-monitored parcel of land—it's unclear what the regulations on accessing this land are.

That said, the trails shown here are all signed, so they appear to be legit.

Regardless, don't linger, and zip through the Laboratory land quickly.

The final section is swoopy and fast, and you'll pop out onto a bike path near the highway.

Take the bike path across a spectacular bridge, and you're back in Los Alamos!