One of the best and most feature-filled trails in the Pajarito Bike Park.


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Mother's Milk to Red Dog is one of the favorite runs among advanced-level mountain bikers that visit the Pajarito Bike Park.

It is one of the most feature-rich trails, filled with many gaps, log skinnies, wooden features (such as ladder bridges), ladder drops, boulders, hucks, rock gardens, and some fast sections mixed in.

Pajarito's raw, hand-built jank is fully displayed on this classic run! Mother's Milk is such a mixed bag of a trail that you must be a truly advanced or expert rider to just make it down this run, much less enjoy it and have a good time.

You'll need a wide range of skills to conquer all of the obstacles—switching from slow-speed log skinnies to sending gaps is a tricky endeavor. Mother's Milk funnels straight into Red Dog for a logical top-to-bottom run.

Red Dog is home to even more wooden features, including the infamous corkscrew—the most photographed feature on the mountain.

The wooden corkscrew itself is quite easy, but after twisting around the wooden platform, you'll see a fairly big booter off the end, creating about a 4-5-foot drop.

The booter to drop itself is a fair bit more difficult than the corkscrew ride, but thankfully you can choose to pop off the planks on the ground before hitting the booter if you don't want to send it. Whether or not this run gets a single black diamond or a double black diamond depends a bit on the website or map you check, but all things considered—and bearing in mind the double black trail sign on the mountain—this run earns an "Extreme" FATMAP rating.

It isn't the *most* extreme run on the mountain, but it still hits that top-level zone.