An approachable advanced-level trail that's perfect for working up to some of the extreme lines in the Pajarito Bike Park.


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While the name of this route is long, it's actually a very logical and consistent run through the Pajarito Bike Park...

it just happens to include at least five different trails.

After heading across on Aspen for Trouble, you'll connect Sidewinder to Air Raid to Battle Stations to Mayday for a tribute to the World War II history of Los Alamos. Sidewinder is fairly fast and flowy, but the run begins to get serious on Air Raid.

Air Raid is filled with boulder drops and plenty of huckortunities to keep advanced riders entertained.

There's also one fairly substantial step-down drop that you can send or bypass. Battle Stations continues the jump and drop trend but also includes a long log ride.

In classic Pajarito fashion, you'll have to tackle both slow-speed log rides and high-speed drops and hucks in order to ride this run in style! Mayday finishes off fast with a few more boulder drops and high-speed features for a riotous finish to a fun rip down the mountain! This run has been given a FATMAP "Severe" rating and, as such, is quite approachable for advanced-level riders compared to many of the "Extreme" runs down the mountain.

That said, depending on the type of riding you're used to, Pajarito's old-school gnar could still prove extremely challenging even on one of their not-totally-insanely-difficult trails.