One of Pajarito's top downhill race runs.


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Dog Patch is one of Pajarito's iconic downhill race runs, along with nearby Braking Bad.

You can consider Dog Patch to be a slightly less technical version of Braking Bad. This trail is a steep, chunky, mostly fall-line descent down the mountainside.

There aren't any huge features on Dog Patch, but instead, you can expect a relentless onslaught of rocks and roots, a few optional drops, a few steep chute-y sections, and lots of chunk and chunder. Arm pump is the name of the game on this trail.

While it's not quite as tall as Braking Bad (since it starts partway down Aspenola), you'll still need to hang on for dear life to make a high-speed top-to-bottom run on this chunderfest.

The lower section of Dog Patch does smooth out substantially into a faster, flowier trail.

There are also a couple of flowy jumps and drops in this lower section, which provide some entertainment and a bit of relief from the gnarfest up high.

If you find yourself growing weary of the janky wooden features on many of the Pajarito trails, Dog Patch and Braking Bad both over a welcome respite from the manmade challenges, exchanging the wooden features for nature's own brutality.