One of North Georgia's longest, gnarliest, and most remote singletrack descents.


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Mountaintown Creek is one of the most remote singletrack trails in the entire state of Georgia.

This 7-mile descent is filled with an endless array of steep, challenging gnar that will entertain even the most advanced mountain bikers.

To access this 7-mile singletrack, you'll have to pedal a 20-mile loop with gravel roads, including the brutal climb up Potatopatch Mountain.

But once it's time to descend Mountaintown, it's all gravy! It's all gravy, that is, if you enjoy steep singletrack, tough rock gardens, rolling baby head rocks, root drops, and deep stream crossings.

And I'm not just talking about one or two stream crossings, either.

Rather, the trail crosses its namesake creek a total of 21 times, guaranteeing riders a thorough drenching even during the driest of seasons.

As a result of this constant drenching, this ride isn't recommended in the winter. The brutal challenge of this trail coupled with the ultra-long pedal just to access it provides an extremely isolated feeling in this deep, dark valley that's rare in the Southeastern USA.

It's highly unlikely that you'll encounter any other riders on this trail, so be sure to pack everything that you could possibly need to survive in the backcountry.

In fact, this trail is so little-used that you can expect to encounter downed trees and other trail debris. For riders who are up to the technical challenges of the singletrack, the physical challenges of climbing high into the mountains, and the outfitting challenges of surviving in the backcountry, Mountaintown Creek is an absolute gem of an epic ride.