Sample some of Missoula's closest trails


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Blue Mountain is one of the most popular spots near Missoula for an after work ride, and with miles of trails, big views and options for all ability levels, it's easy to see why.

You could literally spend an entire summer figuring out the Blue Mountain trails but the loop suggested here gives you a good sample of the area has to offer, and will likely inspire further exploration. The initial ascent on this route is low-angled and easy to climb, meaning you can focus on enjoying the scenery without working too hard.

Towards the top of the climb is an optional detour to Hayes Point on trail 6.01 (the trails are numbered rather than named at Blue Mountain, which is a logical but rather unromantic system) but it's not really worth doing, as it provides no additional views or good riding. When you begin descending, the trail is GREAT! The riding is easy, well maintained, and wonderfully flow-y.

There's no technical sections - just mile after mile of cruis-y riding with occasional rocks and roots providing the only bumps.

Just keep on rolling, and keep on grinning! The second climb on the loop is steeper than the first but it's pretty brief, and soon leads to a fast and furious rip down trails 3.04 and 3.13 all the way back to the parking lot One thing to be aware of is that all of the Blue Mountain trails are 2-way, so be conscious of people going in the opposite direction to you.