Explore the sights of downtown Missoula on this easy stroll


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Downtown hikes don't get much better, or easier, than this! The popular stroll around Missoula city centre is ideal for catching a bit of fresh air whilst checking out historical sites, playgrounds, parks and some all-too-brief sections of quiet forests, as well as the famous Clark Fork river itself. There are some interesting sights on this hike, including (in no particular order) the Boone and Crockett Club (a conservation organisation), Caras Park - were live events are often held - and the famous Carousel for Missoula.

If you're doing this hike with kids you have zero chance of walking past the Carousel without paying for them to have a go! Luckily it's only a buck each, so you won't break the bank.

The Dragon Hollow playground (right next to the Carousel) is also a great spot for kids. In addition to the cultural sights, the bridges at each end of the hike are interesting, and both have designated pedestrian walkways.

The Madison St Bridge (at the eastern end of the hike) has a hanging walkway beneath the road, whereas the Orange St Bridge, at the western end, has a zoned off walkway right next to the road.

The Beartracks Bridge, in the middle of the hike, can also be crossed on foot if you want to shorten your trip. A series of parks also line the route, with the Clark Fork Natural Park being the highlight.

The Toole, Kiwanis, McCormick and Caras parks are also pleasant, and all of them are nice spots at which to lay down on the grass and soak in the sun!