An isolated singletrack loop at the Pinhoti Trail's northern terminus.


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This isolated singletrack loop utilizes the northernmost section of the vaunted Pinhoti Trail, along with the relatively obscure South Fork Trail and part of the neighboring gravel road.

While most of the Pinhoti along this section is relatively doubletracky from the beginning, narrowing down to singletrack in a few spots, the South Fork trail offers delightful singletrack buried deep in the North Georgia mountains.

The not-too-steep trail flows up and down as it roughly follows a stream, with mostly smooth, flowy singletrack punctuated by root webs, the occasional rock garden, and a few boggy spots.

While the loop looks straightforward on a map, this ride is extremely remote in Southeastern USA terms.

It takes a lot of driving (or miles and miles of pedaling) to access the trailhead, and once out on the trail, you’re not likely to see another living soul.

The renowned rowdy ride on Mountaintown Creek is located nearby, but even Mountaintown is slightly more accessible since it ultimately pops out on Gates Chapel Road at the bottom.

South Fork, on the other hand, is tucked away high up in the mountains and way back on a gravel road. The point is this: this isolated singletrack will provide a beautiful, solitary mountain bike ride through dense forest in the Cohutta Mountains.

But if something goes wrong, be prepared to fend for yourself.