An epic descent on a gnarly moto trail.


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The Windy Gap Trail is a motorized route that’s split into two halves: 50% technical singletrack and 50% flowy doubletrack. "The first half of the trail dropping down off of Windy Gap is a continuous technical assault on your senses and [your] bike's suspension,” according to

"You will be bombarded by rock-after-boulder-after-rock.” As the trail continues to drop, "it slowly transitions from narrow singletrack rock gardens to a steep section of rocky doubletrack switchbacks.” While you might be disappointed to hear that the lower section is wider doubletrack, that wide doubletrack is paired with incredible flow! Thanks to a never-ending stream of water bars, the lower section essentially functions as a smooth jump run until the trail ends at the lower Windy Gap trailhead. To keep the flow up, the motos have burned in some natural berms “of about 8-10 feet in height that were perfect for railing at high speeds!” While shuttling this trail is the best way to have maximum fun for minimal pain, it’s a long drive around on dirt roads to make a shuttle happen.

Consequently, many people choose to ride it as a pedal-driven loop… but that’s almost just as long and even more painful.

Thanks to the seclusion, you will probably only encounter motorized users on this trail… if you see anybody at all. Sources: