A fast and flowy trail with tough climbs that give way to beautiful views and ripping descents.


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24 miles north of Sun Valley is the Galena Lodge and trail system.

It’s owned and managed by the Blaine County Recreation District (BCRD) for the community, so recreation and maintenance of the trails is top priority.

It’s a hub for families and groups because people can ride and regroup back at the lodge.

Get there early on the weekends because the parking lot fills up quickly. Galena Lodge is surrounded by almost 50 miles of singletrack and includes rides for all users including beginner, intermediate and advanced mountain bikers.

It is shared by hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians but the majority of use seems to be on two wheels. While the Senate Meadows Loop is ideal for those new to mountain biking or kids, the Galena Grinder route shown here is a classic course used for one of the longest running mountain bike races in the country each July.

While a few trails are described as flowy, don’t expect highly buffed out trails or expertly-built jumps.

These trails are pure old school cross country with a few banked turns and jumps built in on Rip and Tear.

Note: Don’t get too much air because the trees can be lower hanging than what you’d expect on a line with jumps! The Grinder trail involves some steep sections but also rewards with amazing views and the sense of being in the backcountry while also being close to your car and a lodge filled with burgers and beer.

Psycho Ridge is aptly named as it starts off as a green and ends as a black. If you’re looking for a backcountry experience that offers mixed terrain, climbs, and scenery while also not leaving you too far from civilization the Galena Grinder is a no-brainer.