Fun trail route perfect to explore some of Rancho Open Space Preserve.


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Fun route for trail running or hiking, going through the canyons but also gaining enough vert to see San Francisco on a clear day (from the highest point). ROUTE SUMMARY: The route starts from parking lot 6, where toilets and water are available.

I took the name from the Strava segment. Head to permanent creek trail and to Rogue Valley trail.

You will see a farm on the left side, where baby goats are the best attraction :), and on the right side, close to the gate, there's a water fountain.

You will keep running through Rogue Valley on some rolling hills (but mostly you are gaining vert here).

The Upper Rogue Valley trail starts the hairpin turn, the hardest climb of approximately 0.9 miles. From the top, when the Upper Rogue Valley trail meets the Upper High Meadow trail, you can see Mount Diablo and San Francisco on a clear day.

Just go on the edge of the trail and look North-West. The Upper High Meadow trail brings you then to the Upper Wildcat Canyon trail, where there is more tree coverage and a long downhill.

Here the terrain is a little more technical; more rocks and roots, and can be wet in the winter.

It's nothing serious as long as you have proper trail shoes in the winter months.

Continuing downhill you will reach the wildcat loop trail that then reconnects you to San Antonio Dr (or alternatively Lower Meadow trail, if you want some more dirt), and eventually back to Permanent Creek trail to the parking lot.

WEATHER: Always check local temperatures before starting, but also keep in mind that Rogue Valley has its own micro-climate.

It can be very hot in the summer months during the day (already at 9am), and very cold in the winter in the early mornings (it usually warms up to a pleasant temperature during the day). WATER AIDS: At the start, parking lot, and at the farm. FOOTWEAR SUGGESTION: Trail running shoes are the recommended choice for runners, and hiking boots for hikers. However: California's dry summer months (May / Oct) allow you to hike and even run this route in standard running shoes. In the winter, especially if has been raining, trail-specific shoes are highly recommended. WILDLIFE: Common to see dears, squirrels, and bunnies.

The preserve is Mountain Lion habitat, so care is advised at all times.