One of the newest trails in Tahoe.


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Construction on this zone began in 2017, making Angora Ridge one of the newest trails in the Lake Tahoe Region.

This new, sanctioned trail is located in a zone that originally was home to many user-created trails.

The addition of Angora Ridge and subsequent trails provides sustainable, sanctioned mountain biking opportunities on this scenic ridge. It’s rare to find a trail that truly follows the top of ridge instead of just climbing straight up and then going straight back down, but Angora Ridge does exactly that.

While it swoops and turns on top of the ridge, it traverses down the entire ridge back toward town. The trail tread itself is classic singletrack, with sections of smooth Tahoe dirt interspersed by embedded rocks and boulders.

While many sections are fast and flowy, this isn’t a full-on flow trail ride—expect plenty of rocks to keep things interesting! But these are the best type of rocks—big, solid, and confidence-inspiring.

Bust a move and catch some air off the lippy ones! If you see an offshoot of the trail heading to an overlook, be sure to stop and soak in the views.

The vistas of the lake below are simply stunning! Sources: